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The Gated Community Security Managers Association is dedicated to sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge related to the security of gated communities. The GCSMA also provides state of the art training for front line security officers in addition to supervisors and middle managers. Learn from your peers successes and mistakes. Make better decisions, saving you time and your organization money. This website is designed and dedicated to serve that purpose.

The goals of the Gated Community Security Managers Association is to network security directors from around the country to disseminate administrative, technical and operational practices that will help them promote their use in managing Gated Community Security Departments.

You now have an opportunity to interact and network with the best Security Directors in the country. You can also attend quarterly meetings that are held around the State. Gated Community Security Managers Association offers a wide range of benefits including: an Information Forum, information on Training, news on security products and technology, Job Announcements, Post your resume, surveys, emergency alerts, annual events, security consulting and much more!


We have members as far north as New England, south to the Florida Keys and west to California. We have members with communities as small as 35 homes to over 6000. Our members have educational backgrounds that range from Associates Degree’s to PhD’s., with experience in law enforcement, military and corporate security. Our members are here to learn from you and share their years of experience.

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There’s no doubt in my mind that I owe the GCSMA for the current position I hold and the success I’ve obtained in my prior gated community position.  There is no organization in this State or otherwise that specializes strictly in gated community security.  Due to the fact that Florida Statute governs the operation of all gated communities in this state and likewise in other states, this organization provides a forum in which Security Directors and Chiefs of Security can interact, exchange information/documents, and seek guidance in matters which directly benefit their community. The GCSMA is also the only organization that provides comprehensive, up to date training for security personnel in all aspects of gated community security.  No other organization provides such training for their gated community staff.  I owe, and will continue to owe the GCSMA for my past success and continued success in this industry.  I implore any and all Security Directors and Security Chiefs to join an organization that will benefit you and your community regardless of the State you reside in, the GCSMA.

Marvin E. Vasquez
Chief of Security
The Plantation at Leesburg
Leesburg, Florida 

The GCSMA has been a huge benefit for me as it has allowed me the opportunity to network with my peers in the industry. This networking has been instrumental in bringing ideas and comparisons to Committees and the Board of Directors. The ideas help in delivering a better service, and the comparisons of other communities allow the BOD to see just exactly what they are receiving for their money. The group has also been a wealth of knowledge when faced with problem solving, as someone has already “been there done that”. Thanks Director Sutphin for your vision and leadership!
Tom Cooper
Executive Director Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort

I am excited by our security team’s ability to tap the wealth of knowledge and experience within the GCSMA. We are a young property and face challenges that have been successfully resolved at other more mature properties. By reaching out to over 50 members, each with heir own perspective, we have access policies, procedures and equipment recommendations that are based on real experience. The ability to know security best practices rather than experiment with potentially flawed processes is invaluable.
Mike Ingoldsby 
HOA Trustee Black Rock

This organization is an excellent way for security managers to share ideas. Being a relative new comer to the group I have found the questions and discussions extremely valuable for myself as well as the Privacy staff and so beneficial for the communities we serve.
Steve Tozier
Wyndermere Country Club